29, July, 2016

10 Perfect Plants for Winter

Winter is the perfect season to get out into the garden. With cool temperatures, you can spend all day in the soil and with the protection of your shade sail; you will be sheltered from the harsh Aussie sun.

Show off your your green thumb by planting the best flowers, fruits and vegetables for this Winter season! Here are 10 of the best plants to consider having in your garden this winter:

1.Paper Daisies – Paper daisies bud beautiful white starry flowers that make your garden look like a winter wonderland when planted together!
2.Sunflowers – Sunflowers tend to survive longer in cold temperatures. Perhaps they will even add a feel of summer to your winter garden!
3.Onions and Shallots – Onions and shallots tend to themselves, which means less work for you! They are amazing in winter stews and roasts. Unfortunately, they do take a while to grow so get planting early to enjoy these delicious veggies in time for winter!
4.Kale – The famous super food! Kale isn’t phased by the colder temperatures and is an excellent source of nutrients to keep your body fit and fighting this flu season! Plus, an added bonus – if there is frost, it will make the kale taste sweeter!
5.Strawberries – Tis the season of strawberries! Plant this delicious fruit this winter and have succulent, sweet strawberries, ripe for the picking at the start of spring!
6.Lavender – Lavender Love! No one can resist the smell of lavender. The vibrant colour and gorgeous smell will look great in the garden this season!
7.Sterilitzia Reginae (Mandela’s Golden Flower) – This flower is a vibrant yellow which adds an excellent vibrant pop to the garden! Attract some wildlife to your garden since birds cannot resist the nectar of this flower.
8.Chard – Chard is a leafy green vegetable (like spinach) that will continue to provide huge amounts of leaves all year round. The gift that keeps on giving! Packed with all the healthy things your body needs this winter – this is a must have for your winter garden and seasonal meals!
9.Calliandras – Also known as the “fairy duster”, Calliandras are a vibrant and warm red flower that will add more colour to the garden! They flower through until summer and bees love them – which is great for the environment!
10.Carrots – Carrots are root vegetables, so they do well in most seasons but prefer cooler temperatures. Add some carrots to your garden this winter season and have another delicious vegetable to add to your famous winter stews.