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Our Shade sails are Customisable, aesthetically pleasing and available in a broad range of designs and materials.  Shade sails are the perfect way to create a safe, sun-protected and ventilated, outdoor space. To see what we can offer for your shade sail needs, call  1800 399 742 or request a Free Design Consult! 

Shade sails are beneficial for any outdoor residential, commercial or industrial area that requires a cost-effective solution for protection from the sun.

Designed and built professionally, they are an ideal, long-term solution.

Breathable fabrics allow cool air to circulate beneath the shelter of your shaded area, providing you with a usable, comfortable and safe outdoor area

A shade sail is a custom, tension membrane structure, which can be either permanent or demountable. Shade sails are manufactured to provide protection against the suns’ harmful UV rays. Shade Sails are advantageous for a number of reasons. Not only are they are suitable for any décor and design taste, they require minimal support structures and are also a cost effective solution to shading large areas, such as playgrounds, swimming pools or outdoor dining and entertainment venues.

Shade sails are made using high-density, specially knitted, UV resistant fabric, which is tensioned by fixings, on poles, or attached to a suitable structural part of the building.

Your Shade sail can be installed in a horizontal or angular manner, depending on it’s purpose and location.

Shade sail fabric comes with quick release snap hooks allowing you to easily remove the sail when not required.

Shade sail fabrics come in a large range of shapes, colours and densities.

All shade sails can be customised to your specific needs, and designed with your individual setting in mind.

Shade sails are generally designed in square, rectangle, triangle or hexagonal shapes, which suit most areas.

The fabrics are available in both dark and light colours for optimal UV protection, and a cooler climate.

We recommend darker colours in a heavier density.

The biggest advantage of a shade sail is its ability to offer effective protection against the heat, UV rays and adverse weather conditions, all year round!

Our versatility and range of shade sail options, that we have available, means that we can tailor your Shade Sail to suit both your requirements and your budget!

Beyond offering effective UV protection and an escape from the harsh summer heat, Shade Sails can also enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space.

Available in a wide range of designs and structures, Shade Sails are the perfect choice for parks, school playgrounds, backyards, carports and outdoor entertainment or pool areas.

They are also a cost-effective shade solution for large commercial, or industrial areas; as well as sporting complexes and community centres.

To get even more life from your Shade Sail, opt for a fabric that has the extra-strong webbing around its perimeter.

The thicker the shade sailcloth, the more it will absorb heat and sunlight.

We recommend installing your shade sail at a steeper angle to encourage rainwater runoff and to prevent damage in harsh weather conditions, prolonging the life of your shade sail.

To preserve the life of the sail, our Shade Sails can be removed in the winter months.

For more sail shade design options and ideas, call us at  1800 399 742

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