what is shade sail
01, December, 2016


Shade sails are pleasing to the eye, customisable and available in many different materials, colours and designs. Now that the weather’s getting warmer, it’s never been a better time to purchase a shade sail from EzyShades!

What is a shade sail?

Manufactured to provide protection from the sun, shade sails can either be dismountable or permanent. Shade sails come in many different colours, sizes, and shapes can be tailored to suit your unique taste and spacing restrictions.

Is this the shade solution for you?

Shade sails are suitable for any outside residential, industrial or commercial area; they are the cost-effective solution for effective sun protection. Sails allow for ventilation and air circulation, while their durability makes them the perfect long-term solution. Sails require minimal support structures and are incredibly versatile. They can cover vast areas such as; swimming pools, entertainment venues and playgrounds, to smaller more confined areas such as; outdoor dining areas, walkways and carports.

Colours and sizes

All sails can be customised to suit different needs, and are designed with your unique specifications in mind. A variety of sail shapes are available, including; square, triangle, rectangle and hexagons. Both light and dark colours are available, but darker colours are recommended for optimal UV protection.

Manufacture & Installation

Sails are made with knitted, UV resistant fabric that can be fixed to poles and attached to specific structural buildings. They’re made with quick release snap hooks that allow you to easily remove the shade sail when it’s not needed. Depending on the sail’s purpose, they can either be installed in angular or horizontal angles.

The Benefits

Not only a fantastic form of UV protection, shade sails will also protect areas from the elements, all year round. They are ideal for keeping leaves out of pools, protecting outdoor dining areas and sheltering vehicles. With the added benefit of pleasing aesthetics, shade sails have something for everyone.

What are you waiting for? Call EzyShades now on 1800 399 742 for your free design consultation. With an experienced team of professionals on hand, EzyShades can install your new shade sail in time for Christmas!