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22, August, 2016

Small Space – Big Ideas!

Dealing with a small backyard can be a pain at times, but there are many ways to make the most of the room that you have. Limited space doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forgo a beautiful garden. Here are some great gardening tips for even the most restricted backyards.

1. Grow up!
Try stacking your plants one on top of another other in pallets or flowerbeds. This geometric look is both modern and fun. Giving a whole new angle to your outdoor area!

2. Hanging Out!
Try hanging your plants in pots from beams and awnings. This makes for less clutter on the ground and more room for activities. Plants such as Ferns, Sweet Alyssum and Lantana are perfect for these hanging baskets.

3. Keeping Cool!
Opt for flower tones that are cool in colour – try shades of purple, green and blue. This helps to form an impression of depth – creating the illusion of space where there might not be much.

4. Keep it Clean!

Get rid of any unnecessary overgrowth. Remember to prune back your plants regularly – this keeps them happy and healthy! While your garden may look beautiful now – all it takes is a little neglect for your plants to overrun your outdoor or entertainment area.

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