shade sail benefits
01, September, 2016

What are the benefits of installing Shade Sails?

Protection from the elements

Shade sails offer effective protection against heat, sunlight and rain. A shade sail will make your outdoor area a shady place where you can enjoy any activity without worrying about UV rays. Rain or shine, you can spend time outdoors and experience the benefits of fresh air and open space.


The sunshade fabric comes in a variety of shapes, colours and density. All shade sails are customisable and can be designed in accordance with your environment. Colour is an important choice in terms of the visual appeal of the shade sails. Ideally, they will look aesthetically pleasing next to the materials of your home or building.

Choices of colour can also affect the material’s ability to provide superior shade. Darker colours absorb more heat and light, thus providing more shade. Shade Sails come in all shapes and sizes, from triangular to rectangular and complex. Your decision will ultimately depend on the direction of the sun’s light and your available space.

Multiple uses

Our shade sails are made of a high-density, knitted, UV-resistant fabric, which is held up by fixings on poles or attached to a building or a suitable structural part of the house that can hold it in place. Shade sails can be installed horizontally or on an angle, depending on their purpose and the locations at which they need to be installed.

Waterproof sails are also becoming very popular. Given the open and pleasing look they offer, they have become a competitive match to the typical, out-dated hard roofs.

Hip roof structures are a great and affordable way to cover big areas.
Commonly used for schools, hospitals and outdoor extension of buildings, they can be used for shade and waterproofing purposes. We can install them for very competitive figures as we also manufacture these structures.

Curved roof sail shades offer protection for various outdoor areas such as an outdoor court or an entrance to a building. The curved design allows for water to fall off the sides and prevents pooling in the middle of the shade.

Ease of installation and removal

Installing your shade sails is easy and they can be arranged horizontally or angled, depending on your needs. Convenient quick-release snap hooks at each end allow for easy removal.