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19, April, 2016

Inspiration for your best outdoor party yet

Parties are best spent outside, especially in the warm, balmy afternoons of summer. It’s a blissful affair that is relaxing for adults and endless fun for kids. However, making an atmospheric and entertaining outdoor party isn’t as easy as just placing a few platters of cheese on the table and some extra chairs. Check out these awesome outdoor party ideas and steal them so your party will be the one talked about for months after!

1. Drinks buffet

These are great because they cost nothing! Either grab a side table from inside, or even find a nifty table at your local council clean up if you don’t want to risk your own. If you’re feeling crafty you can make a storage spot for alcohol, like this one on below, which is just stacked bricks and a wood container.
drinks table

Image source: Pinterest

2. Lanterns

Whether it’s a few or a healthy garland, lanterns are the perfect lights to create instant atmosphere. They’re playful and ambient, and of course pretty.
Party lantern

Image source: Pinterest

3. Take care of your guests!

There is bound to be at least one forgetful person who will neglect to wear sunscreen or a jumper. Rather than have that person only remember how burnt or cold they got at your party, have them remember how great the party was! Parents with kids will especially appreciate this.
relief station

Image source: Pinterest

4. Recycle your junk into decorations!

This idea is fantastic. Not only are you helping the environment, this look is great for an outdoor party. We think there can never be enough candles!

Image source: Pinterest

5. Don’t have a dance floor? Create one!

Nobody appreciates getting their heels or freshly polished shoes destroyed by dirt and grass; besides, dancing in heels on grass is nearly impossible. But everyone wants a little boogie, so keep your guests happy by building a dance floor!

Image source: Pinterest

6. Buffet

Buffets are probably a universal go to for outdoor parties, but they’ve never looked this good! This one looks charming and the best bit is that it’s DIY.

Image source: Pinterest

7. No excuses!

Did someone turn up with in appropriate or painful footwear? Make sure they can still get up and dance all night long! No excuses!
Save your soles

Image source: Pinterest